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The men at KD wanted to create a lift that would allow one person to load and unload heavy reels in minutes, while also eliminating the need for expensive and cumbersome trailers. They accomplished this and more. KD Lift eliminates trailers, allows faster drive time, makes city parking easier, is single man operational, has the ability to switch out to other trucks in the work fleet and much more!

Mounting Plates

We have added a rear mounting plate for ball hitch mounting. Load one reel on your KD, while pulling and even installing other reels from your old reel trailer simultaneously!

Remote Control

With the push of a button, one man can now load and go in just minutes.

*We recommend and supply a corded joystick control for safety and dependability.
*A wireless control may be purchased separately.

Dual Acting/Dual Load Holding Hydraulic Pump

Our hydraulic pump & cylinders are both dual action & dual load holding. This means that they will lift up and push down with equal force. This comes in very handy in cold climates, and with lighter spools. This also means that KD will stop on a dime with a full load, possibly preventing serious injury. KD will Stop, Lower, or Rise to the Occasion!

Powder Coated

We take great pride in the appearance of our products. Every single hand built, hand welded KD Lift is powder coated for a lifetime of perfomance.